Unlock the key to understanding your child's needs and

build a stronger connection.

In The Parent's Pocket-Guide to Understanding Kids CORE Human Needs you'll learn

  • The tools to bridge the communication gap between parents and children.

  • The language to foster a deeper understanding of each other.

  • The missing link in nurturing a more harmonious family dynamic.

  • The secret revealed to moving beyond behaviors observed, to recognizing needs that lay beneath.

  • The opportunity to say goodbye to misunderstanding and hello to meaningful connections with your kids.


Maybe as a parent...

  • You witness big behaviors coming from your child but you don't understand why they are acting this way.

  • They say "I don't know," when you ask them what they need, want or why they are doing/saying what they are.

  • The more you try to get them to talk to them, the more frustrated they seem to get.

  • You both experience disconnection because you truly don't know what's going on for them, and because they are still young, they don't know either!

    Then this guide is for you!

Maybe as a child...

  • You often felt like your parents didn't understand you.

  • You faced a lot of criticism and not enough support or encouragement from your parents, and you didn't have the language to tell them what you needed.

  • Not knowing your true authentic needs beneath the surface led you to become a people-pleaser and have a hard time putting up boundaries.

  • I imagine you want something different for you and your children...




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  • FREE Bonus Feelings Charts

    Feelings when our needs are met.

    Feelings when our needs are not met.

    Body Sensation Identification Chart

  • Easy-to-use Script for Kids to support communicating their feelings and needs when things happen such as sibling conflict, parental negativity, and behavioral self-assessment.

  • FREE Video Tutorial on how to coach your kids on understanding these needs, how to practice using the script, and how to integrate feelings and needs language into your daily life to boost Emotional Intelligence.


My 3-year-old son came to me in tears. On the surface level it seemed to be about not getting his way. But then he said to me “I need connection..."

My heart flooded with empathy and grace. And I promise, this was a liberating and relationship-strengthening experience.

When kids can verbalize what they need in different contexts, they can find the support they need to get those needs met. Yes, kids as young as 3 can start to speak with this level of emotional intelligence!

Maybe as a kid, when you brought home 85% on a test, your parents commented “What happened to the other 15%?”

You really needed support, understanding, recognition and, encouragement. Instead, you got criticism.

Maybe you wanted to study dance arts in college and your caregivers told you that would be a dead-end job. So, you chose sciences instead.

You needed to be heard, to be understood and you needed support. But instead, maybe you became conditioned to be a people pleaser. And that has been tough to navigate in life. We all had needs as children but we probably weren't given the language by our parents of how to verbalize them.

Maybe you were only ever seen for your "behaviors" (particularly the negative ones) and nobody helped you understand what it was that you truly needed beneath all that...

Many of us grew up with chronically unmet needs. This impacts how we show up as parents each day. We cannot give our children what we don't already have. In other words, if we don't have the language to impart to our children about basic needs, how can we expect them to know, learn or understand how to meet these needs? How can we expect them to verbalize to us what they need in different situations so that we can actually help them?

Giving our children the language of feelings and needs is crucial from a young age. As a Trauma-educated Master Certified Parenting Coach and Kids Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence Coach, I share in this guide how parents can support their kids to learn about core human psycho-social and emotional needs, develop the vocabulary they need to express themselves, and help parents see beyond their child's surface-level behaviors.

The Needs Cue-Cards included at the end of the guide are suitable for ages 2+. You can print out the sheets as they are, laminate and hang them up, or cut them into actual cards to display in a suitable way for you.

Here's to becoming a more Conscious, Confident and Empowered Family Leader!


Hi, My name is Ashley Anjlien Kumar - The Confidence Coach.​ We want the best for our kids as we go about in this ever-changing modern world. I'm a parent just like you, but I've also been there as a kid too - and I know what it's like!

I am a Master Certified Parenting Coach, a Somatic Trauma-Therapy Practitioner, a Certified Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence Coach for Kids, and a Trauma-Informed SEL Facilitator as well as a Registered Yoga Teacher.​ I have worked with kids and parents for 22 years.

How do we teach our kids to hold their heads high, make strong confident decisions, and empower them to achieve what they want in life without getting stuck in the "ruts"? We can love our kids to bits, but we can't give them high self-confidence, soaring self-esteem, or a strong self-image. BUT we can provide them tools and resources that show them how to develop the mindset they need to develop these qualities.

And no, kids aren’t learning some of these concrete skills in school. And no, most adults don't know this stuff either! Heck, the stuff I share with kids, I only learned in my thirties – and it changed my life and the way I parent my own children.​

I look forward to being part of your parenting 'village.'


Ashley Anjlien Kumar

The Confidence Coach

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